FilGoal | News | Al-Badri: The story of my salary is “very ridiculous” … and this is what happened with Ayman Ashraf and Al-Nani


Hossam El-Badry, Egypt’s coach, described what was being raised about his salary as “a very absurd thing.”

Al-Badri said on Ontime Sports Radio: “This story is very ridiculous, and whoever discusses it does so for personal purposes. My salary in the national team is less than my salary in Al-Ahly, and less than in any foreign country I worked in.”

He stressed, “Has this matter been said about any foreign coach before?”

He continued, “This story is being raised for the purpose of causing confusion and tension within the football system.”

He stressed, “We have never talked about the salary of a foreign coach, who gets 300% and 400% of what Hussam Al-Badri gets.”

And in previous interventions by Zamalek and Al-Hadath Al-Youm TV channels, Al-Badri said about Mohamed Al-Nani: “Whoever said that Nani refused to warm up in the Kenya match is misleading and does not understand anything. Six players warm up, so they are divided, and when the cameras come to a specific player among those on the bench, it is said that he refuses to warm up, how does it reach us to mislead in this way? ”

“Ayman Ashraf? No one informed us of his complaint about the injury, and the player wanted to travel with us to Kenya, but to participate in the match, and I asked him about the nature of what he suffers, and he told me that he suffers from a slight roughness that will disappear within a few days, so I started with one-on-one exercises and then participated in one training session.” He told me that he suffers from minor pain, but he is ready to play, but I refused and decided to return to his club so that the injury would not worsen. ”

And he added, “Obama? Is a distinguished player within my accounts and there is nothing wrong with him, but through following him during the recent period, he seemed to be physically exhausted, while the games in Kenya and Comoros needed better physical preparation due to the lack of time between the two matches, so I preferred to exclude him so that he would not be called up and be without a role and then leave.” The national camp is frustrated. ”

Regarding the awarding of Mohamed Salah the captaincy, Al-Badri confirmed that it was the players ’decision after the exit of Amr Al-Sulaya.

Egypt won by four over the Comoros in the final round of the African Nations Qualifiers 2021 in Cameroon.(See details)


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