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Obama and Asim Saeed in a meeting with Zamalek and Egypt for clearing

Bakri Selim, Executive Director of the Misr Clearing Club, revealed that the team will announce its new coach within two days.

“We tend to be an Egyptian with a foreign flair, and a great candidate,” Selim said on Radio On Sport.

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He stressed, “The names of David Siza, Rene Fyler’s assistant, were not raised in Al-Ahly or Papavasilio, the former Tigris coach.”

He explained, “Currently consulting with the coach about his salary and the auxiliary device.”

“The departure of Ihab Jalal and the circumvention of the regulations? Do we have a list in the Football Association? What we did with Ihab Jalal deserve thanks for him.”

He stressed, “All of Egypt embraces the Ismaili, do we stubbornly oppose him?”

He stressed, “At a time when Jalal wanted to leave, we are in a warm area while the Ismaili is on the brink of decline, so the visions met, especially that Ihab Jalal is an Ismaili. Our position is respectful and honorable.”

Ihab Jalal left Al-Maqasas to train Ismaily, and the Fayoumi team is in sixth place with 24 points from 15 games.

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