FilGoal | News | Ayman Abdel Aziz in the Joule: Carteron must psychologically prepare the Zamalek players … and fight in Africa


Ayman Abdel Aziz, the star of Zamalek and the former Egyptian national team, believes that the white team must fight over its chance to qualify in the African Champions League, even if it is weak. Go to the former Zamalek stars to find out their opinion of how Patrice Carteron, the coach of the team, is benefiting from the current hiatus before returning and competing in the League and the African Champions League.

Ayman Abdel Aziz said “Carteron’s bet in the coming period is to work on the psychological side so that the players fight for the opportunity to qualify even if it is difficult, and the players must be treated with this logic.”

He added, “Carteron must use the pause to remedy individual errors and everyone should return to the state they were in before his departure. I mean here to play in a collective way and apply the coach’s ideas on the field, and this requires the beginning of work from the individual side.

He continued, “Zamalek must fight to win the next two games, give everything he has and adhere to hope, for example what if Mouloudia lost from Esperance and Zamalek did not win the first match, everyone will feel remorse.”

And he continued in his statements, “I do not think that there is an unjust player in Zamalek, and the changes in the team are taking place within the limits of 3 centers at most, and this is normal.”

He concluded his remarks, “It is possible that Carteron depends on Osama Faisal to give him confidence and rehabilitate him to play because he will be the main striker of Zamalek later, given that Saif Al-Jaziri may not continue with the team and Marwan Hamdi needs a while for harmony, but Osama Faysal knows the team well.”

Zamalek will play against Mouloudia of Algeria and then Toungith of Senegal, and must win the two matches with Esperance’s victory over Mouloudia in order to qualify for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.


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