FilGoal | News | Barakat: The new clothes are the reason for what happened with Salah … and we will not risk Ayman Ashraf


Mohamed Barakat, the director of the Egyptian national team, explained what was raised about Mohamed Salah wearing the national team uniform without advertisements for the sponsors, stressing that Ayman Ashraf was not risked.

Egypt will play Kenya in the fifth round of the African Nations Cup qualifiers.

Barakat told “Ontime Sports”: “We received the new clothes a short time ago, and we printed the sponsors’ advertisements on the shirts, but some of the players did not get their exact size so we ordered new clothes.”

“The time was not enough for us to print the sponsors’ announcements again,” he added.

He stressed, “This did not happen with Salah alone. Rather, it happened with most of the players, but the focus was not great with them.”

Salah had appeared in training with a shirt that did not have any advertisements for the sponsors of the Football Association. (See the details)

And about the injury of Ayman Ashraf, he said: “It did not happen that Al-Ahly contacted the technical staff not to push for it. What is said is not correct.”

He added, “We will not risk any player, Ayman suffers from a rough knee and is not ready for that. We will not pay him against Kenya.”

And he continued, “He may be present in the Comoros match if his condition improves.”

Regarding the confrontation with Kenya, he said, “We seek to obtain a positive result, as happened in the last rally against Togo.”

He explained, “We need a point to qualify officially, but we aspire to more than that and we want everyone to reassure the Egyptian national team.”

He revealed, “We wanted the national team rally to start on March 20, but Hossam Al-Badri preferred to start the camp on the 21st, so that every player would get an additional rest due to the pressure of the matches.”

He concluded, “Kenya has 3 points and wants to win the two matches in order to qualify. We must not give them the opportunity and play with concentration from the first minute.”

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