FilGoal | News | Basket – Al-Ittihad beats Zamalek, Al-Ahly surpasses the vanguards … and Al-Jazeera is the only one at the top


Al-Ahly defeated Al-Jaysh, with a score of 86-63, in the ninth round of the Basketball Super League.

Zamalek also lost to Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, with a score of 74-83 In a match that was 40 minutes late, the match observer refused to play in the presence of fans yet Basketball Association decision on the background of the events of the past Smouha and Zamalek match.

Al-Jazira swept its counterpart, Telecom Egypt, with a score of 90-55, while Sporting defeated Smouha 75-73.

Thus, Al-Jazira is the only one at the top of the standings with 17 points, and behind it Al-Ittihad comes second with 16 points, and Zamalek with the same balance.

Sporting ranks fourth with 14 points, and Al-Ahly comes fifth with 13 points.

Smouha ranks sixth with 12 points, then Etisalat seventh with 10 points, and Tale’i al-Jaysh eighth with 10 points as well.

This stage is considered a ranking stage between the eight teams before the start of the playoffs to determine the champion.


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