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Mohamed Youssef, Auguste Bush’s agent, technical director of the Zamalek basketball team, and Walter Hodge, a foreign professional, denied that the duo were absent from facing the Vanguards of the Army on Friday due to the late financial dues.

Zamalek will play Al-Jaysh in the tenth round of the rankings in the Super Basketball League.

Zamalek occupies third place with 16 points, one point behind Al-Jazeera leaders.

“There is no truth to what was raised on social media about the two refusal to attend training sessions or the army match until the late dues are received,” said Mohamed Youssef, the duos business agent, Auguste and Hodge.

Youssef revealed, “Augusti Bush had contracted the Coronavirus, and that is the reason for his absence from training and for his absence from the army match tomorrow.”

He continued, “Augusti felt a state of fatigue after confronting the Union and discovered that he was infected with the Corona virus and is now isolated at his residence.”

Youssef explained, “Hodge will participate tomorrow, naturally, against Al-Jaish, like previous matches.”

“Indeed, Auguste and Hodge have late dues and are waiting to be paid, but they did not miss training because of that,” he added.

He concluded his remarks, “Augusti has been absent since Tuesday, after his positive medical survey.”


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