FilGoal | News | Carteron: I coached Zamalek in difficult circumstances, and the players’ psychological state was not good


Patrice Carteron – Maran Zamalek – photos from the club’s official website

Zamalek coach Patrice Carteron stressed the difficult period in which he took over the coaching of the white team, replacing Jaime Pacheco.

“I took over the coaching of Zamalek in difficult circumstances, and the psychological state of the players was not good,” Carteron said on the official Zamalek website.

“Since my return to Zamalek, I have been trying to treat negativities and the players had physical and psychological problems, which I will be keen to treat in the current period,” he added.

And he continued, “My goal with Zamalek is to make the players love football and enjoy playing because I found things difficult after my return to the team.”

He added, “I did not find enough time to work with the players before facing Esperance, because I took over the task only two days before the match.”

He concluded his remarks, “Also, the team’s results were not good in the African Championship, but I was keen to motivate the players before the match, but the performance was not at the required level.”

Zamalek is preparing to face MCA in the fifth round of the African Champions League groups next Saturday.

Zamalek occupies third place in the fourth group, with two points.


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