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“When you arrived in the Premier League in 2016, you used to score 85 points to win the league. Now you have to reach nearly 100 points to win the title.” Pep Guardiola in 2019.

Raising the ceiling of expectations, reaching a point that no one has reached before, achieving achievements and playing in the form of a ball makes the loud applause for you at one point, the fingers of many criticisms in the following period, and with the same hands that poured out applause for what you achieved.

The term “modern football” is familiar to the fans. The situation has changed a lot from the past. The players have become interested in their physical abilities and the technical aspects have become deeper, the money has become many times what it was even 10 days ago, everything is developing.

But the term modern football means that business and money management is interfering more than ever in the game, spending heavily every minute, club budgets, player price, salaries and other things, this is the new form of the game.

Of course, when things go this way, this means “no mercy” and a lot of “victims” ..

Among these victims are the coaches, victims of their own success … But what does that mean?

Let us give some examples: Leicester City with Claudio Ranieri, the coach who achieved what was described in the media as a “miracle”, when he crowned a newly promoted team with the Premier League title in an exceptional matter, in the following season when Leicester presented a performance that suits the pressures and the size of the competitions and after the departure of Ngolo Kante, He was fired for poor results, only after 9 months of impressive success.

When we say the term “victims of their own success”, the first thing that may come to minds of some also is Jose Mourinho, and the constant question is has he really become this?

Other examples such as Harry Redknapp when he succeeded Juande Ramos in Tottenham and turned the team into one of the Big Four, but his fate was to leave, the same with Mauricio Pochettino in the same team, Vicente del Bosque in Real Madrid, Luis Van Gaal in Bayern Munich and Manchester United, and Carlo Ancelotti In Chelsea.

Another example is Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola, who is judged by winning the Champions League regardless of what happens in England.

Measures of success for the media

Richard Keys, the British broadcaster on BBC Sports, talks to us on this point:

“Harry Redknapp was successful? He won the only League Cup in his career and the club went bankrupt to win it.”

“Pochettino is successful? He did not win any titles, Ancelotti is the best, he did it everywhere, Wenger is a genius, he kept his team alive and qualified for the first 4 places at the same time.”

But Wenger was judged on his past success, winning titles, regardless of what circumstances, he was being judged.

“As for Wenger, he could not win the title with the players he had. We must not forget that he won 3 FA Cups in the last 4 seasons. Arsenal may kill anyone in order to repeat this now.”

As for Pochettino, he changed the identity of Tottenham, turning the team into a competitor for the English Premier League and reaching the Champions League final.

“He did that and the club also, but he couldn’t win championships either.”

“Pochettino will know that he has to win titles to be a successful coach.”

What about asking the teams that achieve an impossible achievement or what could be described as a miracle more, such as the media demanding of Gian Piero Gasperini and Atalanta to win the league title or compete for the Champions League?

“Sometimes it’s impossible. Everyone wants the same thing, but they can’t have it.”

But what about the term “victims of their own success”?

“It depends on each case and dealing with it. Only Guardiola alone can be considered successful, because he has countless funds and he is the only one who has this.”

There is a lot of talk about (philosophy) but what is that? Winning is all that matters, does Solskjaer follow Ferguson’s philosophy? No. Manchester United plays like Mourinho, defends and plays on the counter, there is no correct way to play the ball, winning is all What matters, work as much as possible with what you have. ”

Sometimes the management changes its mind and direction during or after the season, depending on the success of the team, Newcastle United in 2012 renewed contracts for all members of the coaching staff for 8 years after one good season and ended up struggling with relegation the following season and everything collapsed.

Ancelotti at Chelsea made the team’s attack explode with goals, 103 goals in the season, and that was the first time the club had crossed the 100-goal barrier in the history of the Premier League, and charted the way to winning the League and League Cup, the first ever double for Chelsea.

Although he finished the season in second place the following season, he was informed of the decision to dismiss him in the last game of the league of the season, a decision that was considered by the media to be one of the most unfair decisions.

“You can put Klopp in the same arc with them,” says Simo Jones, the English journalist for

And he continued, “When the rate of performance decreases, the period of censorship begins and the counting of steps. The biggest challenge that coaches like Alex Ferguson and Bob Paisley talked about is the repetition of success, not the success itself.”

And he added, “Pochettino, for example, wanted to change the club, began to enter into an argument with Daniel Levy, and there was one winner when the performance rate decreased.”

And he continued, “This is not fair, but, the owner may see that the results can improve. He thinks about his desire to continue performance, excellence and speed. Sometimes the cost is to change the coach.”

“The idea of ​​asking teams like Leicester or Atalanta for more titles and competing for them immediately is unrealistic,” he added. “Exceptional success stories like Leicester are difficult for any team to continue.”

But in Leicester City’s case, the club sacked Ranieri the same coach who wrote a history the club may never be able to repeat.

Yes, sometimes there is an idea that players need a new voice in order to raise their motivation, new ideas in order to move forward or raise the level, that was the real skill behind coaches like Ferguson and Wenger, to extend their stay and the ability to know when he can change players and build a team But I think they had an administration that supported them a lot. ”

“To the degree it is as if his successful squad has been taken from him, but I suspect most coaches are aware of the owners’ patience right now.”

“That is why the players now prefer to be analysts, knowing that they will not get long-term opportunities.”

Now we needed a different vision, a former Premier League player, prominent media personality and Premier League analyst, former Arsenal player Adrian Clark.

In this part we will talk differently about the goal required of each coach, and what happens to the club after achieving success to different degrees.

Clark says to “Every coach aims for success, but in certain situations the development may be so great that it raises expectations to a level that cannot be sustained. That was the case of Ranieri and Pochettino, for example, not exclusively, both of whom are victims of the success they have achieved.”

And he continued, “You can also say Chris Wilder, last season he made miracles, and because he did not repeat until his position became under threat to what happened to him after that.”

Club success

“When the club succeeds, it is expected to achieve this all the time. If the results start to decline even suddenly or unrealistically at a high level, then the coaches are under pressure.”

“It’s not fair, but football is cruel. How many coaches lead their second-tier teams to the Premier League and then lose their jobs in the following season? Slavin Bilic is among those too.”

“As for Pochettino, I think that part of what has happened is that he has lost its influence on the players, not just the victim of success. Sometimes the dressing room needs a new voice or a coach who needs a new owner to work with, Pochettino is in this category.”

“Ranieri fulfilled one dream in a million, and he would not have repeated it. For him it was better for him to leave and the masses still love him.”

“Football clubs are cruel, do not respect the idea of ​​the budget or the circumstances. Every coach knows this. The best clubs have long-term strategies, which do not change every season, but with Chelsea it worked.”

“Lampard did a great job to reach the top 4 without deals, and the club probably thought that this was the most that he could reach as a coach, and they were probably right.”

So … are the coaches really victims of their own success?

“Sometimes yes, you lose your job if the results get worse, and the bad results come after your results were good, but there is no problem if the performance is average in some stages, and not white or black.”

Between changing the voice in the dressing room, achieving unprecedented achievements, changing the team’s philosophy, changing the direction of management, the world of football has no mercy with the coach, recognizing the results only without considering many things.


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