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Alex Costa, the assistant coach of the Portuguese former coach of Zamalek, Jaime Pacheco, revealed the scenes of his departure from the White Castle training.

During a lengthy interview with Sada Al-Balad channel, the former assistant coach of Zamalek talked about many important matters during his time with the White Castle.

He explained the truth about the disagreements of some players with Pacheco, as well as the position of the technical staff regarding the departure of Mustafa Mohamed and the renewal of Ferjani Sassi’s contract.

He also responded to the statements of Patrice Carteron, the current coach of Zamalek, during which he said that the team’s physical condition is not good. reviews with you Alex Costas full dialogue with Sada Al Balad channel.

All of the following was stated by the former coach of Zamalek.

“I was sad about losing Zamalek to Esperance, and I used to support the team in this decisive confrontation in Zamalek’s future in the African Champions League.”

“I cannot evaluate Zamalek’s performance against Esperance, and I do not know the reason for the team’s appearance at this level because I was outside the club and it is difficult for a big team like Zamalek to go through these circumstances and change the coach before an important match and be able to adapt quickly.”

When was the technical staff informed to leave Zamalek?

“The matter was confusing to us and we were reading the websites and the media saying that the technical staff would leave, but no one from the administration told us that, but we saw in the eyes of the players before the Ceramica match a look that we would leave and after the match the financial management in the club told us of the decision to terminate the contract of the technical staff.

“I work in football for a long time and I am used to not feeling surprised by anything, and I cannot say that I am sad to leave Zamalek, but we have left and I wish success to Zamalek, who is greater than anyone and any decision that comes out of the club must be respected by everyone.”

“We did not receive our financial dues or rewards for 3 and a half months. The financial situation is very difficult in Zamalek, but we have been working with full focus to cross this difficult period, and I think we deserve respect more than the Zamalek administration in this matter.”

“My feeling is unbelievable after I saw the reaction of the fans of Zamalek after the departure of the technical staff, whether in love in the street or through social networking sites, and this matter made me love the Zamalek fans more.”

Was there a plot by Zamalek players against Pacheco?

“The answer is no. I think that everyone watched the Ceramica Cleopatra match and that all the players performed a distinguished performance and celebrated with the coach after each goal and after the match, and invited the technical staff in the residence hotel.”

“It is difficult to deal with 35 players, and this is a very large number, and certainly there are a lot of players who are not happy because of not participating in the matches.”

Were there differences between Pacheco and Bencharki?

“It was totally incorrect and all the players had a wonderful relationship with the coach.”

“What Carteron said that the loss of Zamalek from Esperance due to the bad physical condition is not true because the team does not have any injuries and we used to play every 3 days and it is not correct to lead the team for two days and then talk about the physical condition, and these are unprofessional statements from the French coach.”

Was there a crisis in the Zamalek dressing room?

“It is not true at all, and if the management says that, everyone knows that Zamalek suffers from financial crises, and the players and the technical staff do not get their salary, so instead of blaming the management on the players, they had to pay their financial dues first so that it could calculate them after that.

Did Hazem Emam threw the team’s shirt at Pacheco?

“No, this is also a big lie and the public in Egypt does not deserve to receive all this much lies. Hazem used to participate continuously and when he was injured, other players participated, and his relationship was very special with Pacheco.”

“Excluding Abu Jabal from participating was a technical decision by Pacheco, and training 3 senior goalkeepers was not difficult for me.”

“We requested the renewal of Ferjani’s contract with Zamalek because his presence with the team increases his strength, but there are financial crises and if the administration had failed to renew his contract, the team would have continued without him naturally and the technical staff did not ask to sell the players because we know very well that he is a great and distinguished player.”

“When we came to Egypt, Al-Ahly led the league, 21 points ahead of Zamalek, and now the white is in the lead.”

“Mustafa Mohamed used to make every effort in the matches, and we needed to continue it with the team, but ask the Zamalek management which was the one that wanted to sell it to achieve financial benefit.”

“Excluding Mahmoud Alaa from taking penalty kicks is very technical, and it happens anywhere in the world when a player wastes more than one kick.”

“The difference between Mortada Mansour’s council and the current council is that Murtada has a real leadership personality and knows how to deal with everyone and I know him well, but when a change occurs in the administration and people we do not know come crises.”


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