FilGoal | News | Dialogue in the Joule – Mselhy: I refuse to Al-Ahly to establish a branch in Alexandria .. The image of the union has changed greatly


Mohamed Moselhy, President of the Alexandria Federation, rejects the idea of ​​establishing a branch of Al-Ahly in Alexandria, stressing that it will greatly harm his club and that the latter does not need additional popularity.

Meselhi held a lengthy dialogue with, during which he talked about many matters related to the technical and construction union, nearly four years after he headed the club in his current term.

All of the following is on the lips of Muhammad Moslehi.

About the idea of ​​establishing a branch for Al-Ahly in Alexandria

At the outset, I must say that the visit of Al-Ahly club president Mahmoud Al-Khatib to Al-Ittihad is highly appreciated by everyone.

But the idea of ​​establishing a branch for Al-Ahly in Alexandria I am strongly against it, the Al-Ittihad club is Alexandria, and Alexandria is the Al-Ittihad club.

It is not correct for me to see a branch of Al-Ahly or Zamalek in Alexandria, as that will take from the popularity of Al-Ittihad, and Al-Ahly does not need additional popularity.

Al-Ahly has football academies here in Alexandria that have been operating for 20 years and this is his right and there is no problem, but establishing a branch is a problem.

I have not seen Liverpool open a branch in Manchester or London, and I do not think the people of Alexandria would accept such a thing.

For the sports boom and does the union win the league?

We live in stability. During my four years here, we have only contracted with four coaches: Muhammad Omar, Helmy Tulan, Talaat Youssef and Hussam Hassan, while Ismaily contracted 16 coaches in a year. (laughing)

We have a financial crisis but I didn’t make any of the technical staff or the players feel about it.

Our participation in the Arab Championship made our image change not only in Egypt, but also in the Arab countries, and we gained value and shape in the lottery.

We do not strive to win the league, to be realistic. We do not have the great capabilities to match Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids, and our goal is to win a tournament such as the Egypt Cup.

If the fans are there and also attend the matches, that will make the difference with us.

The absence of the audience has a great impact on popular clubs, and it has come in favor of corporate clubs.

About the twins Hussam and Ibrahim Hassan

Dealing with the twins is very difficult, but Hussam and Ibrahim are very loyal, they need special treatment and always want to win.

Hossam Hassan has past successes in coaching and he is a star and I am happy to deal with him, he and Ibrahim are happy to deal with us.

I grant the current technical staff or any of the previous technical bodies full powers because I am an administrative man and I have no involvement in technical matters.

The departure of some players despite their lack of participation. This happens in the biggest clubs such as Al-Ahly, and no one has spoken. Ahmed Al Sheikh has left and Salah Mohsen does not play much, as I said. I do not interfere in technical matters.

There are no arrears due to the coaching staff or players.

On the junior sector

Imam Mohamadeen, the director of the sector, does a great job. We are very happy to be there with us, and we hope that it will continue because there are some who are trying to bother him.

But Imam is patient because he loves the union and loves to deal with him on a personal level as well.

The results of Imam’s work began to emerge with the emergence of great young players, in addition to the fact that the idea of ​​Team Al-Amal that he and Hussam Hassan invented was wonderful and gave Al-Ittihad a great advantage.

About the basketball team

The basketball team when I assumed the presidency of the club was at a level below zero, so we supported it, brought back a lot of players, and now we are reaping the championships.

Ismail Ahmed is the one who decides when to stop and retire, but we are happy that he will continue, as it is a great value and addition to the club.

All players’ contracts are ongoing for one or two seasons at least, and we have no problem with that part.

About the construction boom in the union

The difference in my current and previous states is a difference between heaven and earth. I will not speak as a president of a club, but rather as a lover of the union, for we are experiencing a wonderful leap.

We are working to establish a commercial center and we have sold some shops to three banks in our branch in Smouha, and all of this will generate great income for the club.


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