FilGoal | News | Dialogue – Trezeguet: I am challenging difficult circumstances with Aston Villa … and the Ghana Six was the beginning of our way to the World Cup


Mahmoud Hassan “Trezeguet”, a player from Aston Villa, faced difficult circumstances with his team, but despite this, he stressed that he would not give up and work hard to regain his place again.

Trezeguet held a long dialogue with the “ben Sports” network before joining the Egyptian team in preparation for the Kenya and Comoros matches in the qualifiers for the 2021 African Cup of Nations.

All of the following is on the San Trezeguet.

Difficult circumstances with Aston Villa

I was hit in the head at the start of the season and had to get 6 stitches and while I was preparing to participate in a match I had a 5 cm tear and that kept me out of the field for nearly a month.

Before returning to the stadiums again, I contracted the Coronavirus and had to miss training for two weeks.

I fought to regain my place in the team, last season I fought and won a place in the squad and helped the team avoid relegation.

And this season, I participated in 11 games before suffering a series of consecutive injuries, but now I am back strongly.

The injury period was not a rest period for me, but rather I was studying what was missing and developing myself in it to get back in the best shape for the stadiums.

Of course, the successive injuries made me sad, but I appreciated and perhaps those injuries prevented me from getting worse.

I strive every day because I know that I have to play every game in the best way, because if I do not play well I will lose my place, the coach now has a point of view and as long as I strive to participate, it will inevitably come.

Abu Trika

Mohamed Abu Trika is an ideal for any player in Egypt, and I had great luck to play alongside him in Al-Ahly and crowned tournaments with him and participated with him twice in the Club World Cup.

And I always act on his advice and strive hard, and of course sometimes you want to give more than what you wish, and this may hinder you, but I strive and work hard.

Aston Villas position in the league

Last season, we were playing to avoid relegation, and we learned the lesson early this season, which game we want to win and if we cannot, we must avoid defeat.

So now we are in a good position in the league and the season is still not over and we aim to improve our position further.

Of course, the presence of the crowd with us would have made the difference, but we are looking forward to their return, the incentive to win and play well is always there, but the support of the fans is missing.

Manchester City are doing well this season, but in the Premier League, nothing is impossible.

Ahmed Al Mohamadi helped me a lot to adapt to Aston Villa and in England because of his great experiences here.

Egypt national team

Playing for the Egyptian national team has a different feeling. I am fighting to please the fans and make my country happy.

I watched us lost 6-1 in the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers against Ghana and then said I would do anything to help my country participate in the World Cup.

Indeed, she contributed to this in the qualifiers after she contributed to the victory over Ghana itself by obtaining a penalty kick in the qualifiers, as well as after she won a penalty kick against the Congo after she participated as a substitute in the match, both of which were scored by Mohamed Salah and qualified for the World Cup.

The Ghana match in particular was very important. I saw them listen to music and dance as if they were telling us that we will repeat the six against you again, but we won over them.

Participating in the World Cup made me feel very proud when I saw the flag of my country being raised in front of the whole world.

We want to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, especially since the tournament will be held in an Arab country and the Egyptian public will flock to the tournament from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and this is a great incentive for us to provide better results than what happened in the previous version.

The Arab public is wonderful and supports us a lot, and we are a front for Arabs abroad. I always think about my appearance well, even while I eat food so as not to say, look at that Egyptian Arab badly, but rather I want to honor them.

We are rising in our lives and achieving our goals because the Arab public supports us and it does not happen individually, we are rising because a strong audience supports us.


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