FilGoal | News | Director of Sports Activity at Al-Ahly: The basketball federation’s decision canceled the “custom” … and this is the reason why Judeh was suspended here


Raouf Abdel Qader, Director of Sports Activity at Al-Ahly, said that the decision of the Basketball Federation on March 21 to prevent the attendance of the masses canceled the “custom” for some to attend matches.

“We affirm the strong and historic relationship between the two major clubs, which will not be changed by a match or a decision by the game association,” Abdelkader said on On Sport Radio, “This is what Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Chairman of the Club’s Board of Directors, stresses.”

He stressed, “The issue is bigger than its size, it is about the regulations. Since last season, matches have been held without fans due to the Corona pandemic.”

And he continued, “And customarily, the families of the players or their wives, old players or club officials are allowed, and if the host club is determined to remove those in the stands, they will be removed.”

He explained, “Indeed, in the first match, the families of Zamalek players, not just Al-Ahly, entered. On March 21, the Basketball Association stressed that there were no fans.”

“I swear by God, it is not related to the presence of football players. I told the coaching staff that I am with any decision you take in accordance with the regulations and laws,” he affirmed.

He continued, “With the entry of football players, a large number of fans, including the players’ wives in addition to regular fans, were allowed to enter and were already removed, leaving only the families of the players and the ball players, and the security was designed to completely vacate the hall so that the ball players move to the other stand, which is located next to the main compartment. “.

He stressed, “The custom used to allow entry of some individuals by agreement between the two clubs, and this custom was canceled by the decision of the Basketball Association on March 21st.”

On this point, he concluded, “the Al-Ahly and Al-Jazira match last Friday in Hall 3 of Cairo Stadium. Security was determined to evacuate the stands of 50 people who were representing two other teams that played before our match against Al-Jazira.”

The Egyptian Basketball Federation had counted the canceled summit match, with Al-Ahly’s victory over Zamalek due to the presence of fans.

Regarding the referral of the two table tennis players here, Joudeh and Maryam Al-Hudhaibi, for investigation, he said: “The player’s right or lack thereof is an inherent right to her, but the matter is related to the mechanism that she followed to claim her right.

Hana Judeh had published a statement on its official page calling on Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Sports and the Olympic Committee, to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

Maryam Al-Hudhaibi responded with another statement calling for her to participate in the Tokyo Olympics because of her participation in the African Games qualifying for the Olympiad with her colleagues, in which she did not participate here in quality because she is not internationally ranked at the level of women.


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