FilGoal | News | Egypt’s ambassador to Sudan: The temperature will be in favor of Al-Ahly in front of Mars


Hossam Issa, Egypt’s ambassador to Sudan, affirmed the warm welcome of Al-Ahly’s mission in Khartoum, in preparation for facing Mars.

The Al-Ahly mission arrived in Khartoum a short while ago, in preparation for the Al-Merrikh match, next Saturday, in the African Champions League.

Hossam Issa said on On Sport FM Radio: “Al-Ahly was received in what befits him in Sudan, and there is interest from all sides in his presence and the Egyptian embassy in Khartoum is following everything up to date.”

He added, “There is not the slightest crisis and there is agreement between Al-Ahly and Mars in all matters.”

He continued, “There is no change in the date of the match so far, and it will be held on time at three in the afternoon at Al-Jawhara Al-Zarqa Stadium, Al-Hilal Stadium of Sudan.”

And he continued, “Mars seeks to attend 1000 fans, and if that happens, Al-Ahly will have the right to enter its fans for the match.”

He concluded his remarks, “The temperature will be in the interest of Al-Ahly even if the match is held at 3 in the afternoon, because the climate here is like Cairo and is going through in moderation these days.

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