FilGoal | News | Executive member Zamalek: The Minister of Sports does not take our decisions and we have not lost “technically” with Pacheco … and Carton did not flee


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club, revealed that he and his colleagues received the task of managing Zamalek from the council of former president Mortada Mansour, with only one million and 250 thousand pounds in the club’s treasury, and he also stressed that the Minister of Sports Ashraf Sobhi does not take decisions on behalf of the club’s management.

Also, Abdullah explained that he sees the current coach, Patrice Carteron, not running away from the club, but resigning due to convincing circumstances, before the semi-finals of the CAF Champions League last season.

Abdullah told Sada Al-Balad channel, saying: “We are trying to do everything to ensure new resources for Zamalek players in all games. Soon the financial crisis will be solved to compensate the players for the difficult times. We apologize to them for that.”

And he added, “With all respect to Mortada Mansour’s council, he worked within his capabilities and accomplished things and made mistakes in the most part.”

He continued, “I want to thank the Minister of Sports, Ashraf Sobhi. He endured a severe attack from the Zamalek fans despite its implementation of the law and froze the previous council, because apparently the paper revealed that there are suspicions of financial irregularities that may reach an assault on public money.”

He revealed, “The Minister of Sports did not make a decision in managing the Zamalek club, and we did not refer to him in any decision as well.”

He stressed, “The Minister of Sports responded to our request to intervene with the Ministry of Solidarity when seizing the club’s funds. He also helped us lift the reservation on the club’s accounts from taxes, and also helped us not to withdraw the October 6 land from the club, and we did not ask him to sit with Ferjani Sassi.”

He explained, “On November 27, only one million and 250 thousand pounds was in Zamalek’s treasury, and what is required to pay all liabilities is 256 million pounds.”

He stressed, “The players who renewed our contracts with them did not receive the advance of his contract upon signing, if they are players who love the entity. They signed contracts that are not exaggerated at all, and among them Shikabala has not received any money so far.”

He stressed, “Ferjani Sassi did not sign for any club, and his agent is negotiating with us. He is an important player and we hope that he will continue.”

“Presentation company helped us a lot in providing our late dues in the past period,” he said. “They deserve our thanks.”

He revealed, “We started the implementation of the club branch on October 6 and the club’s stadium, after signing a protocol with the Ministry of Military Production with the BOT system, whereby Zamalek Club is in charge of management. We have started the procedures for establishing a football company, where Zamalek owns 51% of assets, and we will offer 20% to the public to buy shares, and the rest The property will return to investment houses that will save us 600 million pounds. ”

“We did not conclude deals because we have a decent team, and at the beginning of the season we were not asked to conclude any deals, and in the winter we concluded the deals that were asked of us,” he said.

He explained, “We only sat with Pacheco 3 times, the first time was to get acquainted, and the second was to ask him about any problems he suffers from after the defeat from Mahalla. The third session was to tell us that he wanted a striker after he agreed to Mustafa Muhammad’s departure. Pacheco asked 5 attackers, number 3 of them was Marwan Hamdy. ”

“Major General Imad Abdel Aziz, the club’s president, asked Pacheco what if we brought you two attackers? Pacheco responded, it would be (super), so we included Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri.”

He admitted, “We may have made a mistake in joining Al-Jaziri and he will not participate in the African Champions League, but we buy the player to participate in all tournaments, not only Africa, and he is a wonderful, skilled and useful player.”

He explained, “I did not know that Saif El Din Jaziri would not participate in the African Champions League before his inclusion, as I am not a (footballer).”

And he continued, “With Pacheco, we did not lose technically, but we would have lost because (the confusion), there was no discipline.”

“Carteron did not flee, Carteron resigned, and there are reasons that prompted him to do so,” he said.


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