FilGoal | News | Haitham Farouk: Imagine if the referee was not fair against Kenya … Egypt was not convincing in the qualifiers


Haitham Farouk, a player from Zamalek and the former Egyptian national team, criticized the performance of the Pharaohs against Kenya, despite qualifying for the 2021 African Nations Cup officially.

The Egyptian national team tied away with Kenya, with a positive goal, in the fifth round of qualifiers for the nations of Africa 2021.

Haitham Farouk said after the match to “BN Sports”, commenting on the performance: “We did not play well, if a player had not been expelled from Kenya, we would have lost.”

And he continued, “Imagine if the referee was not fair today? Imagine if a player was expelled from Kenya? We were not good.”

He added, “There is a question mark over the non-participation of Mohamed El-Niny in particular, and the substitutions in general.”

And he added, “90% of the players were not at their level, the best was perhaps Muhammad Hani and Muhammad al-Shennawi, and during the periods of Mahmoud Hamdi” Al-Wansh “and Ahmed Hegazy.”

Haitham Farouk continued, “I do not exempt professionals from responsibility. Mohamed Salah did not present a great level today, and Mustafa Muhammad did as well.”

He concluded, “The Togo match outside Egypt was the only convincing match for me in those qualifiers, but the whole journey is not convincing, for me today, Egypt won a point against Kenya.”


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