FilGoal | News | Hamada Anwar: Al-Naqaz took advantage of an administrative error to cancel his contract .. The dissolution of the Zamalek Council was postponed due to the results.


Ahmed Fattouh against Hamdi Al-Naqaz in the Esperance and Zamalek match – Zamalek’s official website

Hamada Anwar, a former member of Zamalek’s board of directors, revealed that the dissolution of the council has been postponed due to the results and waiting until the CAF Champions League final.

The Zamalek board of directors, headed by Mortada Mansour, had been dissolved and a temporary tripartite committee appointed until the completion of investigations into the council’s violations.

Hamada Anwar said on Al-Shams TV: “There were signs of dissolving the Zamalek administration in the period before the Raja match.”

He explained, “The decision was there, but it was postponed until after the final due to the results and the qualification of the team.”

Speaking of late players’ entitlements, he said: “There is a rate of 25% that is determined based on the participations and is disbursed at the end of the season and the board left before that date.”

He continued, “Maybe there is a installment or two late, but the Corona pandemic has caused a financial crisis for all clubs.”

On the position of Hamdi Al-Naqaz, Anwar revealed, “His position is different from the arrears. The player got a letter from the club stating that he would receive his dues every month.”

And he stressed, “Although he gets 4 payments annually, there was definitely a mistake from the administrative apparatus at the time.”

Anwar admitted, “It was a mistake of course, because when he had not received his salary for two months, he applied to terminate his contract even though he received his dues every 3 months.”

He concluded his remarks, “Al-Naqaz took advantage of the administrative error and canceled his contract. He knew what he was doing well.”


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