FilGoal | News | Hamada Sidqi in Joule: The suspension period is not beneficial for Musimani and Al-Ahly .. and Sherif deserves a greater chance


Hamada Sidqi, former Al-Ahly star and former coach of Smouha, believes that the current international suspension will not be beneficial to the Red Team and its coach Betsu Mosimane. went to the former Al-Ahly stars to find out their opinion on the challenges facing Musimani and the Red Team in the coming period, and who deserves to have a greater opportunity.

Hamada Sidqi said “I do not think that the suspension period will benefit Musimani in his technical work due to the absence of international players and the Olympic team players, and this is also the case with teams that have a large number of internationals.”

“The pause may be an opportunity for the injured to return and recover,” he added.

And he continued, “Dealing with the pressure of matches is through good physical preparation and preparing the substitutes to enter into his accounts to compensate for the expected injuries and to rest the stressful elements as a result of this pressure, and certainly there is a usual technical work from the technical staff.”

He concluded his remarks, “Mohamed Sharif is a distinguished player and deserves to be given a greater opportunity in the coming period, and Musimani performs this role and works to rotate the game between everyone appropriately.”

Al-Ahly will travel to Sudan on March 31 in preparation for the Al-Merrikh match in the fifth round of the African Champions League groups.


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