FilGoal | News | Head of the Al-Ahly Medical Authority in the Joule: Hamdi Fathi will be absent for 8 weeks … and there is no validity for Al-Shenawi’s injury


Mohamed Shawky, head of the Al-Ahly medical committee, revealed the developments of the injured team’s file and the date of their return to participate in the matches.

Muhammad Shawqi said “Hamdi Fathy has undergone successful surgery on the radius bone in the elbow and is able to return to training normally within 48 hours, but without any contact and will be ready to participate naturally with the team after 8 weeks.”

Hamdi Fathy was injured during his participation with the Egyptian national team against Kenya in the African Nations Qualifiers.

Al-Ahly announced that the player had undergone successful surgery to stabilize the fracture and that his absence could reach 10 weeks.

He added, “As for Ali Maaloul, he will be ready to participate in the matches with Al-Ahly in mid-April.”

And he continued, “Karim Nedved will also be ready to participate with Al-Ahly after the Sudanese match between Al-Merrikh.”

He explained, “Mahmoud Metwally will return to participate with Al-Ahly two weeks from now, naturally.”

At the end of his statements, he stressed, “All that was rumored about Muhammad Al-Shennawi’s return to Al-Ahly injured from the national team camp is not true, and the player is ready to participate normally.”

Al-Ahly is preparing to face Al-Merrikh, Sudan, in the fifth round of the African Champions League groups next Saturday.


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