FilGoal | News | “I need to stop to find who I really am” … a touching message from Prandelli after resignation from Fiorentina coaching


Fiorentina coach Cesare Prandelli has sent a special message to the fans of the team following his resignation.

Prandelli submitted his resignation to the violet club, in a decision described by the club’s management as “the reasons go beyond football.” (See the details)

Fiorentina FC published the 63-year-old coach’s message to the fans of the team, which reads as follows:

“At this moment in my life, I find myself in a state of ridiculous discomfort that does not allow me to be who I am. I embarked on this new experience with joy and love, as I was carried by the enthusiasm of the new administration.”

“And maybe this was great love for the city, because of the memory of the good moments of the sport that I lived here. I was blind to the first signs that there was something wrong, there was nothing exactly in its place in me.”

“My decision is dictated by the enormous responsibility that I bear first and foremost towards the players and the club, but not the least of which is the respect I owe to the Fiorentina fans.”

“Everyone who enters the field at this level undoubtedly has a certain talent, and whoever has the talent is sensitive and I would never want my discomfort to be seen and affect the team’s performance.”

“In recent months, a shadow has grown within me that has also changed my way of seeing things. I came here to give 100%, but as soon as I felt that this was no longer possible, for everyone’s benefit I decided to back off.”

“I thank Rocco Comiso (the owner of the club) and all of his wonderful family, Joe Baroni and Daniel Brady (the team leaders). They have always been close to me and the team, but above all I thank Florence, which I know will be able to understand.”

“I realize that my coaching career can end here, but I have no regrets and I do not want to have anything. Perhaps this world that was part of my whole life no longer suits me and I no longer recognize myself in it.”

“I will definitely have changed and the world is going faster than I thought. That’s why I think now is the time to stop drifting so fast and stop to find who I really am.”

Prandelli returned to coach Fiorentina last November, during which he led the team in 20 matches, winning 21 points, and 5 points away from the relegation centers.

The Italian “Sky Sport” network clarified that Prandelli decided to leave Fiorentina after losing 3-2 to Milan at Artimo Franchi.

The coach did not appear after the match through the media or the press conference, which opened the door to his departure.


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