FilGoal | News | In the 6-goal meeting, Turkey drops the Netherlands by four, and Burak writes what has not happened since 1980


The Turkish national team beat its Dutch counterpart 4-2 in the first match of the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

The first round match of Group G was held at the Olympic Stadium of Ataturk, and saw 6 goals, a hat trick by veteran Burak Yilmaz, and a missed penalty.

The Turkish national team tops the standings with 3 points, while its Dutch counterpart is temporarily trailing the standings.

In the next round, Turkey will be a heavy guest over Norway, while the Netherlands will host its counterpart Latvia.

This is the first loss for the Netherlands by four since August 2017, when it fell to France in a four-way match.

Memphis Depay became the first Dutch player to miss a penalty kick against the goalkeeper, since Frank de Boer – his current coach – at Euro 2000 against Italy in the semi-finals.

Burak Yilmaz became the first player to score a hat-trick against the Netherlands since Klaus Alofs since 1980.


Sonul Junus, Turkey’s coach, started with a hat-trick that includes Burak Yilmaz, followed by Hakan Chalhanoglu and Yusef Yazici.

On the other hand, Frank de Boer preferred to start with Stephen Bergus, Donnell Malin and Memphis Depay in the line of attack.

Meanwhile, Tim Kroll participated minutes before the start of the match after Jasper Silesen was injured in the warm-up.

Description of the match

In the 15th minute, and with a quick rebound, the Turkish national team scored its first goal, an individual effort from Chalhanoglu to reach Burak Yilmaz, who hit a ball that hit Matisse de Licht’s hand and covered the goalkeeper and settled into the net.

In the 34th minute, Okay won a penalty kick which the captain successfully attempted and successfully hit the right of the Norwich City goalkeeper.

In the first minute of the second half, Hakan Chalhanoglu hit a powerful ball to the left of the goalkeeper, shaking the net of the Dutch mills.

He led by a hat-trick after 46 minutes, the second fastest hat-trick for the Netherlands since falling to Hungary with three goals in 1961 in 36 minutes.

The Italian playmaker became AC Milan the most player to score goals for his country from outside the penalty area from his first international match in 2013, with 6 goals.

Dutch response

De Boer’s changes made the difference for the Netherlands, Daffy Classen took over the Memphis Depay cross in a superb way, dodging Shalar Songyo and landing the ball in the net in the 75th minute.

One minute later, Frenkie de Jong added a second goal for the Netherlands with a ball that hit his body instead of his head from a Debay cross and restored hopes for a tie.

But captain Yilmaz terminated the Netherlands’ chances of returning with a fourth goal from a direct free kick to the left of Kroll, which he could not stop in the 81st minute.

In the fourth minute of the time, instead of lost, Depay missed a penalty kick, which the goalkeeper had saved, and after that the final whistle blew.

It is Turkey’s second successive victory since it beat the Netherlands 3-0 in Euro 2016 qualifiers.


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