FilGoal | News | In the Joule, it reveals the reason for removing the touch runway and what will replace it


What is the reason for Al-Ahly’s decision to remove the old stand at Mukhtar Altech Stadium? What will replace it?

As knows, the Al-Ahly board of directors’ decision to remove the old runway came because it is threatened with falling at any time and there is a great risk in maintaining it.

Al-Ahly currently intends to establish a gardens and gatherings area for members in the club’s branch on the island in the old runway headquarters, as a first stage.

Al-Ahly had recently transferred the headquarters of the football device to the new stand, which is currently in use.

It is noteworthy that the old amphitheater was not allowed in it for a long time, for fear of its fall, and as soon as they were allowed to attend the traffic, they would go to the new counterpart.

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