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The Senbellawein match against Belqas in the third division witnessed clashes between the fans and Belqas players.

The match ended with Senbellawein winning 2-1 in the third division matches.

Belqas Response:

Hossam El-Sherbiny, the coach of Belqas, told “We went to El Senbellawe stadium on the basis that it was a match without fans, but we saw a large number of them.”

He continued, “From the beginning of the meeting, there has been constant insult from the fans towards Belqas and Haitham Orabi, but Adel El Shazly, director of football for Sinbillawin, was cooperating with us.”

And about what happened, he explained, “The fans were the cause of the events because of the frequent insults and constant provocation against our goalkeeper, and his father and mother watched him in the stadium, and it is natural that repeated insults will strain him.”

He revealed, “I did not watch the goalkeeper hit the child, but his teammates went to the child and the goalkeeper was punished with a yellow card, and the fans of Senbellawein clashed with him and our players after the match.”

He concluded, “There is a player from Senbellawein who received two yellow cards, but he was not dismissed for 3 minutes until the assistant referee alerted the referee, and he was expelled, and we will submit a warrant.”

Senbellawein response:

Meanwhile, Ahmed Omran, the coach of the Senbellawein team, said to “We achieved the victory with two goals to one, but the reason for the clashes was due to the goalkeeper’s contact with the fans and making outside signals.”

“A goalkeeper at a meeting attacked the ball-bearer child, and the child fell to the ground, which angered everyone, and we took him out even though he did not want to leave the field,” he explained.

He concluded his remarks, “Indeed, Mohamed Ezzat, the team’s player, got two yellow cards before the assistant referee alerted the referee, and it did not take long before he was discharged.”

Official statement

Belqas Club issued an official statement about the incident and criticized the actions far from sportsmanship, and decided to punish the club’s wrongdoers.

The statement came as follows:

– Within the framework of the sports management’s keenness of Belqas Club, under the supervision of Haitham Orabi, to continue the team’s successes in the round, we never overlooked the flag of Al-Akhla, but rather we see it above the football flag, despite our passion and the passion of our fans for it.

– Although we are very dissatisfied with what happened during our match with the Senbellawein team about unfortunate events, which witnessed reactions by the fans, which went out of the text, as well as what happened inside the stadium, which are actions far from the spirit of sports, but we announce the start By ourselves, and the admission of any mistakes that were made on our part, and based on it: –

1- Haitham Orabi announces the suspension of the team goalkeeper Mahmoud Abdullah, the suspension of his dues, and the infliction of a fine on him, due to his actions towards the fans of Senbellawein, and Orabi and the team’s technical staff are keen to apologize for what happened to the opponent and his fans.

2- The sports administration in Belqas club, as it greatly appreciates the role of officials in football in Egypt, so we are waiting for the report of the referee and the match observer, hoping to achieve justice, and justice only without favoritism to any party.


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