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Juventus manager Fabio Baratici revealed the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo was sold next summer.

Juventus suffered a sudden and shocking defeat by Benevento, with a goal without response In the Italian league on Sunday.

“We have decided to keep Cristiano Ronaldo,” Paratici said after the meeting via Sky Italia.

He added, “He is the best player in the world and will remain with us at Juventus.”

And he continued on the future of coach Andrea Pirlo: “We have a project that started last season, and one game will not change our plan. We are very happy with what we have achieved so far. We will continue to work and develop.”

He added, “I do not believe that the term” transition “exists in Juventus. We play every match with the goal of winning. Every year is important to us, even if we do not achieve the same results as the past.”

He continued: “There are clubs that went through 7, 8 or 10 years of the transitional period and did not win anything. As for Juventus, people have not noticed that we have not stopped winning despite our many changes during the past years and we have reduced the average age of the list several times.”

He explained: “I remember 7 or 8 times when they said it was the end of the Juventus era: the defeat against Galatasaray, the departure of Conte, the loss of the Champions League final in Berlin, when we were ten points behind the lead at the beginning of last season, when Sarri came instead of Alegre, and other moments.” “.

He also discussed the surprise defeat: “It was an unexpected match. I am here to highlight the fact that we have enjoyed the fans for many years, but unfortunately we disappointed them today.”

He concluded: “The performance was bad, but the season is still going on. We have to be humble and continue to work and understand our mistakes and try not to repeat them. Playing at Juventus prompts you to get used to bearing the pressure. But we played a bad game today, unfortunately. Sometimes you do not understand why these things even happen.” It’s a bad day without a doubt. ”

Adolfo Gaich scored the match’s only goal in the 69th minute of the match.

The victory raised Beneventos balance to the 29th point, rising to the 16th place, while Juventus’ balance was frozen at the 55th point, down to fourth place.

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