FilGoal | News | Karim Hafez: Al-Ahly negotiated with me before Maaloul was included, and I would move to the Spanish League in the summer


Karim Hafez, a Turkish footballer from Malatya Sport, revealed that he received an offer from Al-Ahly several years ago.

The Egyptian left-back stated via Ontime Sports 2: “Certainly, Cooper saw in me what pushed me to the team. He would not include me for no reason. I was constantly participating with Lance and doing well at the time.”

He added, “Cuper was a coach in defense and was making our strides, and I naturally love to attack and start.”

He continued: “I was surprised by my participation in the match between Morocco and the Nations of Africa 2017 because I did not play the Ghana match and I thought I was outside Cuper’s accounts. He called me up and asked me if I was ready and I answered him in the affirmative. It was a very difficult match and Trezeguet helped me defend a lot.”

He explained: “My relationship with Trezeguet extends since we were in Al-Ahly youth together, and then we fell in love with Qasim Pasha.”

He admitted: “I did not expect this distinctive start for Mustafa Mohamed because most Egyptian players need time to get along at the beginning of professionalism.”

He stressed, “What I also like about Mustafa Muhammad is that he started to learn English, but he did not speak it completely when he came.”

He pointed out: “Mustafa Muhammad is lucky because he joined the biggest club in Turkey, and thus his chances of moving to bigger leagues are very much mentioned.”

And he denounced: “Some say that the Turkish league is weak or that its level is close to the Egyptian league, this is not completely real. The Turkish league includes strong names, not any player is able to play in Turkey.”

He revealed: “I received an offer from the Spanish League on the last day of the winter transfer market, and the club president refused it because there was no time to compensate me. I will not disclose the name of the club hoping to complete the deal next summer.”

He explained, “No one from the national team contacted me, no one spoke to me.”

He concluded: “Returning to my family will be an honor for me, but I prefer it to be a future step. Al-Ahly negotiated with me before joining Ali Maaloul, but I preferred to continue professionalism, especially since I received an offer at the time from Germany, but the step did not take place.”

Hafez, 25, has played 22 matches for Malatya Sport this season, during which he scored 4 goals.

Hafez has 7 international matches with the Egyptian national team.


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