FilGoal | News | Maran Zamalek – Back in Sharqi and his special training with Mahmoud Alaa .. and a session with Abdel Shafi


Ashraf Bencharki Al-Zamalek organized the team’s collective training today, Wednesday, at the Abdul Latif Abu Rujaila Stadium.

Bencharki had performed rehabilitative training in Maran yesterday after his return from the leave that he obtained with the permission of the technical staff, and with Mahmoud Alaa trained in Maran today, Wednesday, on penalty kicks, according to the official website of Zamalek.

Zamalek is preparing to meet Mouloudia of Algeria, scheduled for next April 3, in Algeria, in the fifth round of the group stage matches of the African Champions League.

The coaching staff of the team, led by Frenchman Patrice Carteron, decided to play a friendly match with the club’s youth team next Friday.

The team was expected to meet Ceramica Cleopatra, but the latter apologized for the friendly match.

The coaching staff preferred to play the match with the youth team within the framework of the policy of following up the distinguished youngsters and their escalation to the first team in the coming period.

Osama Nabih, the general coach of the team, prepared a report on the status of the players in training during the past two days.

Nabih presented the report to Patrice Carteron, the coach of the team, before the start of the training session, and the general coach held a session with the players, during which he explained some of the technical points required to be implemented by them during it.

The players fought a small division on the sidelines of the training session, as the technical staff focused during the training on delivery and reception in small spaces and under pressure, and Osama Nabih, the general coach of the team, supervised the training.

The device allocated a recovery training session for the team’s players in Dr. Ashraf Subhi’s halls complex, after the end of the group training session.

Carteron supervised the training, along with Fernando, the load coach, and his assistant, Ahmed Ismat.

Carteron held a quick session with Mohamed Abdel Shafi, the team’s player, after the group training session.

The French coach praised the level that Abdel Shafi showed in training during the last period.

Carteron asked the player to continue with the same performance to be in the starting line-up for the team in the coming period.


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