FilGoal | News | Maran Zamalek – The return of Hazem Imam, the participation of Hefni … and a private session of Nabih with the team’s youth


Patrice Carteron – Maran Zamalek – photos from the club’s official website

Hazem Imam, the leader of Zamalek, attended the team’s collective training at the Abdul Latif Abu Rujaila Stadium.

The right-back got the green light to participate in group training after he recovered from the injury to the calf muscle that he was suffering from and which caused his absence from the team in the recent period.

The French coach, Patrice Carteron, held a session with the team’s players on the sidelines of the group training session, where the coach explained some technical matters to the players in order to apply them in training.

According to the official website of Zamalek, Carteron asked the players to focus in the current period in order to benefit from the period of interruption of the league to remedy the mistakes that the team suffers from.

The team is preparing to meet Mouloudia Algeria, scheduled for next April 3, in the fifth round of the group stage matches of the African Champions League, which will be held in Algeria.

The goalkeeper quartet Mohamed Abu Jabal, Mohamed Awad, Ahmed Nader Al-Sayed, and Sayed Attia performed strong training under the supervision of Brazilian goalkeeper Oliveira, coach of the goalkeepers.

During the training, the Brazilian coach focused on the speed of reaction, correcting the mistakes of the guards and directing instructions to them during training.

Ayman Hefni, the team’s player, participated in group training, after completing the training program to prepare him to participate in the matches during the coming period.

The coaching staff divided the players into four groups, as the coaching staff made a division between the players to implement some of the technical matters that the players trained on during the day’s training.

The coach stopped the division more than once to explain some technical matters, and remedy the mistakes made by the players.

Carteron was keen to alternate between groups in the division, so that the group that received a target would go out, and another group participated in its place.

Osama Nabih, the general coach of the team, held a session with Reda Mohamed Dahir, right of the club’s youth team, which was escalated to participate in the first team training.

Nabih asked Muhammad Reda to focus on training and stick to the opportunity. To be in the accounts of the technical staff during the coming period.

The coaching staff led by Carteron had escalated the player in light of the numerical shortage in the right front; Due to Ahmed Eid’s presence in the Olympic team, Hamza Mathlouthi’s travel to Tunisia, in addition to the injury of Hazem Imam, who returned and participated in group training today, Tuesday.


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