FilGoal | News | Mars reveals the number of fans in the Al-Ahly match


Zaki El-Din Al-Sadiq, the official spokesman for the Sudanese Al-Merrikh Club, revealed the number of Sudanese fans who will attend the team’s match against Al-Ahly.

Zaki El-Din said on Al-Ahly TV: “The fans who will attend the match will not exceed a thousand fans, after an agreement with the Sudanese health authorities.”

He added, “Al-Merrikh is well prepared to face Al-Ahly and will play in every club to win.

“The match reflects the strong relations between Egypt, Sudan and Mars, who benefited a lot from the international break,” he added.

He concluded his remarks, “The Sudan team includes many members of the Mars team, and the team’s qualification for the African Nations Cup finals translated the effort made by everyone.”

Al-Ahly will play Al-Merreikh next Saturday in the fifth round of the African Champions League groups.

Al-Ahly occupies second place in Group A with 7 points, behind leaders Simba with 10 points.

While Mars comes fourth in the group with one point.

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