FilGoal | News | Mohamed Ibrahim: Being away from the national team is something that saddens any player … all the best for my teammates


Mohamed Ibrahim and Ayman Ashraf – Al-Ahly against Ceramica Cleopatra

Mohamed Ibrahim, a midfielder for Ceramica Cleopatra, said that staying away from the Egyptian team would make any player sad, explaining his tweet that spread after the announcement of the Pharaohs list.

Ibrahim wrote on Twitter: “The Egyptian national team shirt is big and expensive and it is an honor for any player to wear it, and staying away from the national team is something that saddens any player.”

He stressed, “All the best for our national team, and for my colleagues in the current period. May God bless them and make us happy in achieving the goal of qualifying for the nations of Africa.”

Ibrahim wrote a tweet minutes after the list was announced a week ago, in which he said, “The nationality is Egyptian.

The 29-year-old has played 16 games with Cleopatra this season, and has 7 international matches.

The Egyptian national team is preparing to meet Kenya and Comoros on Thursday and Monday in the 2021 African Nations Cup qualifiers.

Egypt tops Group G with 8 points, which is the same as the Comoros Islands, which are ranked second, while Kenya is ranked third with 3 points.

A draw against Kenya in any result is sufficient for Egypt to officially qualify for the African Nations Cup in Cameroon.


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