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Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani stressed that his team is going to Sudan, to face Al-Merrikh next Saturday in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League, to win and achieve 3 goals.

Musimani said on the official Al-Ahly website: “We are going to Sudan to present a strong show, befitting the holder of the title of the last edition of the African Champions League, and the most crowned teams in this tournament, and we are working during the current period with the players to achieve victory and qualify for the quarter-finals.”

He stressed, “Winning against Al Merrikh in Sudan will give us an opportunity to achieve three goals, which are; deciding to qualify, and continuing on our way to lead our group through the Simba match after facing Mars, and the third goal is to send a message to all competitors, which is that Al-Ahly is always striving to win.” Outside and inside his stadium. “

And he added, “Mars is a very difficult team, and it was closer and deserving of beating Simba in the last match, but it is football.”

He added, “We studied the performance of Al-Merrikh, Sudan, at home, and I hope that we will succeed in achieving what we seek, which is victory.”

“The Sudanese Al-Merrikh matches and Simba, the Tanzanian, are very important in our campaign in the African Champions League, first to settle the ascension, and secondly to settle first place in the group, because the natural place for Al-Ahly is to always be in the lead,” he explained.

He added, “It is not necessary that our launches in the groups league are the best, but the conclusion must be the best.”

He completed “the group tournament in the African Champions League is like the marathon, and what we care about is to reach our goal at the end of the race, and this is what we strive to achieve in the next two matches.”

Simba leads the group with 10 points, compared to 7 for Al-Ahly and 4 for the Vita Club, and Al-Merrikh ranks fourth with one point.

Al-Ahly is a guest on Mars in the fifth round

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