FilGoal | News | Olympic: Zamalek has the right to hold his elections in August


Hisham Hatab, head of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, revealed that Zamalek could hold its elections next August.

“Whether or not the Olympic Games take place, the federations’ elections will be held after the dates set for the Olympics from July 23 to August 8,” Hatab said in statements to Radio On Sport.

He explained: “With regard to clubs, the completion of 4 calendar years for the elected councils whose term is in effect. As for any club managed by a temporary committee for any reason, the law applies to it that the general assembly convenes within the four months following the end of the fiscal year, and it is held without linking to the previous four years. By law, Zamalek is entitled to do so.” That he approves his budget on the first of July and calls for a regular general public to discuss the budget, which also includes the election clause.

He explained, “According to the bylaw, elections are held within the period between the call for the general assembly and its holding between 15 and 30 August, and it is not a requirement that the parliament complete 4 years because its members have changed.”

However, “the Football Association held the general assembly, and the list has not yet arrived. We will review it as soon as it arrives and make sure it matches the minutes of the general assembly and then send it to the Ministry of Sports for publication.”

He stressed, “Every sports association is keen to send its bylaw as long as it drafted it to be able to implement it and implement it, but the one concerned is the association concerned, and I think that the general assembly of the Football Association was held on November 29. What I hear is that 134 clubs are the mainstay of the General Assembly, and we are waiting for the final approval, and we are waiting for its arrival Unless there is a new one from the international or Egyptian federations. ”

He concluded, “With regard to the case of former Zamalek president Mortada Mansour, against the Olympic Committee, which was postponed on April 4, and the commissioners report that sparked a stir by rejecting the Olympic Committee’s decision for lack of jurisdiction, we have prepared ourselves well, I will not go into details. Our response is ready, strong and very disciplined. We will respond to everything with the law and documents, and we hope that we will be the rightful owners.


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