FilGoal | News | Osama Nabih on the authority of the Kenyan player in the Joule: The average level .. The national team is able to return by winning and qualifying


The Kenya squad that is preparing to meet Egypt on Thursday in the fifth round of qualifying rounds for the 2021 African Cup of Nations, saw the presence of Z-Club player, Cliff Niakia.

What is the opinion of Osama Nabih, the current general coach of Zamalek and the former coach of Zed, about the Kenyan player after he supervised his training in the second division during the current season before his departure to the White Castle.

Osama Nabih answered, saying: “He is a mid-level player.”

He continued, “He participated with me at the beginning of the season and in the last five matches before my departure to Zamalek, he did not participate for technical reasons.”

He continued, “Egyptian midfield and defense players are able to deal with him well and we have great experience in the team capable of stopping any dangerous elements.”

He continued, “I believe that the Egyptian national team can win and officially qualify for the nations of Africa.”

Osama Nabih concluded his speech, “The Egyptian national team is the largest in Africa, as evidenced by its being the most crowned African nations title, and everyone fears us.”

The Kenyan national team drew a draw on the Egyptian national team at the opening of the first round of the qualifiers, with a goal for each team.

The Kenyan team ranks third with 3 points, 5 points behind the leaders Egypt and Comoros, while Togo is ranked bottom with one point.


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