FilGoal | News | Osama Nabih: The victory over MCA revives Zamalek’s qualification hopes … the spirit of all the players is high


Zamalek general coach Osama Nabih said that the coaching staff and all the players set the victory over MCA as their goal in order to revive the team’s hopes of qualifying for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

Next Saturday, Zamalek will be visiting MC Algiers to meet him in the fifth round of the African Champions League in Group D competitions.

Osama Nabih told the official website of Zamalek, saying: “There has been a remarkable increase in the morale of the players during the past days, and a great determination to win.”

And he continued, “All the players appeared in a state of extreme focus during the international suspension, in order to ensure that they reserve a key place in the formation.”

“The coaching staff and the players put the victory over Mouloudia as a major goal to revive Zamalek’s hopes of climbing into the quarter-finals,” he added.

Ahmed Abdel Maqsoud, assistant coach to Zamalek, spoke in the same context and said: “We are only playing the matches of MCA and Tounjeth Senegal, with the aim of winning.”

And he continued, “We will give everything we have to win, regardless of other group accounts.”

“We want to win the two matches first, and we will not look at the outcome of the last match between Esperance and Mouloudia Algeria in the group stage,” he added.

Zamalek is third in Group D with two points, six points behind MCA.

Esperance tops the group with ten points, and Tongeth comes fourth with a single point.


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