FilGoal | News | Rabih Yassin: Canceling the World Cup is fair to me from God … and this is what happened with Mujahid in 2013


Rabei Yassin believes that the cancellation of the World Youth Championship for this year is divine fairness vis-a-vis what has been exposed to the past period.

Rabie Yassin was at the center of the storm of the youth team after the crisis in the Tunis camp, which witnessed an outbreak of the Corona virus, and thus the withdrawal of the Pharaohs, for not completing the minimum number of players to appear in matches.

Speaking about his relationship with Ahmed Mujahid, Rabih Yassin said, speaking about his relationship with Ahmed Mujahid, “Ahmed Mujahid was supposed to head the mission, but he said that we will play two matches and go out and he decided not to travel with us, and the mission was headed by Sahar Al-Hawari instead.”

He added, “When we came back I told him we won the championship.”

He continued, “When Magdy Abdel-Ghani asked me about the salary I want, Ahmed Mujahid was standing and advised him to set an upper limit for the salary.”

He continued: “I told Magdy Abdel Ghani, how do I request a number while coaching the Egyptian national team? What you will write I will agree with it, I am an ascetic person.”

He added, “My relationship is nevertheless good with Ahmed Mujahid. He is a dear person, regardless of anything, and I only have love and appreciation for him.”

He justified the media position of his son Omar Yassin: “Omar, my son, stood beside me because he knows that his father is respected. He also stands by the truth in general, not just Rabei Yassin.”

He concluded: “I received many rewards from God, such as canceling the World Youth Championship. This is a response from God. He did justice to me.”

Yassin had contracted the Coronavirus, along with a large group of players, right before the start of the North African Youth Championship in Tunisia, which qualifies for the African Nations for Youth.

Yassin received strong accusations from the perspective of the national team doctor, blaming him for the spread of infection among the players.


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