FilGoal | News | Raiola: Ferguson used to hear “Yes, sir.” When he attacks me, this is my best praise


Mino Raiola, the agent of several football stars, including Manchester United’s Paul Pogba, responded to Sir Alex Ferguson, the coaching icon for the English club.

Raiola said earlier that Pogba would leave United, which did not like Ferguson, who accused the former of influencing the French player.

Raiola told the English network The Athletic: “When Ferguson criticizes me, this is the most praise someone could give me. Ferguson used to people say to him: Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes sir.”

And he continued, “All I have to say is that when Ferguson left United, the club’s owners told me that I was right to return Pogba to the team. I did not want him to leave for another club. Ferguson did not believe in Pogba.”

“So when Ferguson says about me, ‘I don’t like him, that’s the biggest praise I can receive. It’s as if Sepp Blatter (former FIFA president) says,’ I don’t like him. That’s cool, I don’t care what Ferguson says.”

Regarding the impact of what he said about his relationship with United, Raiola said, “I don’t really care if I won’t give United another player a future. I’m not in their hands. I work for myself. We only care about the players. As long as the players love us, you do what you have to do.”

In 2012, a year before Ferguson left United, he left Pogba the last and moved to Juventus on a free transfer.

After starring in the old lady’s team shirt over 4 seasons, United wanted to reclaim its former player, paying 105 million euros in 2016 to join Pogba, 28.

Pogbas contract with United extends to 2022.

Pogba did not appear at the level expected by the United fans, he was subjected to many criticism, and his career with the Red Devils team may soon end.

Pogba participated in 194 games for United, scored 37 goals and sent 36 assists.

He was crowned with three titles.


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