FilGoal | News | Seventh of the Arabs .. Mauritania qualifies for the African Nations Cup


Mauritania qualified for the 2021 African Cup of Nations in Cameroon after defeating Central Africa in the last round of the qualifiers for the tournament.

The Mauritania national team won away to Central Africa to finish second in Group E with 9 points, behind leaders Morocco with 11 points.

The goal of Mauritanias victory over Central Africa was scored by Obacar Diarra in the 45th minute.

This is the second time for Mauritania to qualify for the African Cup of Nations, after participating in the previous version of the tournament in 2019 in Egypt.

The Mauritania national team participated in the African Nations Cup, after increasing the number of teams in the tournament to 24 instead of 16.

Thus, Mauritania will be the seventh Arab team to qualify for the tournament, after Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan and Comoros.

During its first participation in the African Nations Cup, Mauritania tied twice against Tunisia and Angola, and lost once to Mali.


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