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Shawky Gharib – The Olympic team crowned the U-23 African Nations Cup

Shawky Gharib, coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, stressed that there are several factors that make him decide accordingly whether or not he will include a professional player for the team’s ranks in the Tokyo Olympics.

The Egyptian Olympic team is running an open camp in the sub-stadium of Cairo Stadium, and Gharib included 32 players.

Shawky Gharib held a press conference today, Wednesday, to talk about the details of the camp and what he thinks about the list.

The technical director of the Egyptian Olympic team began his conference, saying: “The instructions of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) stipulate that every player must be registered in the International Olympic Committee because any player who is not registered in it will not be able to travel with us to Tokyo.”

And he continued, “This restriction is tantamount to a visa granted to a player to obtain the right to participate in the Olympics.”

He continued, “On May 15, this is the last day to register 50 players, then on June 30, we must shorten the list to 18 players, including two goalkeepers wearing numbers from 1 to 18.”

“And there are four other players, including a goalkeeper, who wear numbers from 19 to 22. They will not be allowed to be in the dressing room at the time of matches, but they are allowed to train with us and be in the residence hotel.”

“This quartet is an alternative in the event of any emergency occurring for any player during the tournament, not before it,” Gharib said.

Criteria for the inclusion of a professional player

Gharib was asked about the criteria for including any professional player in the Egyptian Olympic team, and he said, “On June 30th, we will announce the names of the elderly players, if there are those we wanted to include.”

He explained, “If we assume that we are talking about a professional player, I must address his club and explain to him all the details of my matches and the status of my qualification, where and when I will play in order to agree. If we want to include a player from the Egyptian league, there is no problem, but the professional must specify everything for the foreign club.”

He continued, “If you asked Batistuta, the Argentine coach about Messi and the French coach, about Mbappe, they would say as I say.”

He continued, “When Brazil organized the Olympiad in 2016 and wanted to win a medal that included Neymar, because this is the goal of a country just like us before it was the goal of the Football Association or the national team.”

Shawky Gharib continued, “Our technical decision first, if we want to include a professional player, then a decision of approval from the player, the coach of his team, and the foreign club. These are all common criteria and factors.”

Gharib criticized the questions directed to the Olympic team about their opinion of the elderly join them in the Olympics, and said: “If a player is the one who chooses, we should sit at home.”

And he added, “As well as when you ask any player after the final of the African Nations Championship, and tell him who is among the adults to join, you belittle him and his angry response will be completely normal because you say to him we will exclude you after you worked hard and won.”

He continued, “I have 70 players to choose from and Egypt has many distinguished players. Perhaps those who answer your questions – meaning journalists – will not be with us.”

And he stressed, “I am ready to make a questionnaire between you to choose the list and I bet you might not be able to include your son’s name in it if he was playing.”

The reason for including 5 guards and the big list for the camp

And about the reason for including five goalkeepers in the camp, he said: “When I was working in the Egyptian national team with Hassan Shehata, we used to sometimes join Mohamed Abdel Monsef and Abdel Wahid El-Sayed, and one of them was not playing.”

He added, “We included Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab for the nations of Africa in 2006, although he did not play matches and was one of the best players in the tournament.”

He continued, “This is a training camp. I just want to see everyone in front of me and for everyone to have a chance and not wrong any of them.”

He continued, “I will surprise you, there are some players who joined recently are now competing with the players who will already be on the list.”

He continued, “Do I not know my list that I will choose? Of course I know it, but there are differences and some new players join us. I do not want honorable representation in the Olympiad. I want someone who is at the top of his focus.”

He continued, “For example, in the final of the African Nations, we conceded a goal from Cote d’Ivoire in the 89th minute, because the players focused on the coronation podiums and looked at the watch, hastening the end of the match. This behavior almost cost us the title.”

“But if anyone asked me, I would have preferred to go to the Olympics last year and not the current one before postponing it,” he stressed.

Shawky Gharib justified his speech, “because there have been a lot of changes for the players themselves.”

He continued, “I also said that I will only include those who participate with his team, but I found that even those who joined Al-Ahly participate on an ongoing basis, such as Salah Mohsen, Taher Mohamed Taher and Akram Tawfiq, there are also five players from Al Ittihad of Alexandria on whom their coach Hossam Hassan depends.”

“Participation does not mean playing full matches, but I mean that you are accustomed to playing periodically,” he explained.

Regarding the reason for not including Omar Marmouche, Shawky Gharib completed the press conference, saying: “Our camp does not include playing matches, and we will not address the German club to include a player for an open camp only.”


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