FilGoal | News | Tariq Yahya reveals the reason for his meeting with Carteron


Patrice Carteron – Maran Zamalek – photos from the club’s official website

Tariq Yahya, head of youth sectors in Zamalek, revealed the reason for the meeting that he had on Monday with the technical director of the first team, Patrice Carteron.

Yahya explained that the session came to discuss some issues related to the youth sector and the escalation of distinguished players during the coming period.

He pointed out that it was agreed during the session that the technical staff of the first team would follow up the born in 1999 and 2000 teams continuously to select the best members from among them.

Tariq Yahya revealed that the idea of ​​the command team will implement its idea starting next week and will include the best elements from all sector teams so that everyone is under the eyes of the first team in anticipation of using any of them in the coming period.

Badr Hamed, director of the youth sector in Zamalek, who attended the session, confirmed that it was fruitful to confirm the success of cooperation between the youth sector and the first team.


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