FilGoal | News | The Cameroon National Team in the Joule: What are said “lies” .. Chubu Moting does not respond to our summoning him.


Erik Maxime Choupo-Moting – Bayern Munich – Lazio

Cameroon general coordinator Bill Chateaux denied what he described as “lies about not sending us a summons to Bayern Munich striker, Eric Chubu Moting”.

“What is being published is lies. We send a copy of the summons to the club via e-mail, another copy to the player via e-mail and WhatsApp, then we call him to make sure the summons arrive,” Chato told

He stressed, “This happened with Chubu Muteng, and we have the documents to confirm that.”

He revealed, “Chubu Muteng did not respond to the summons, and this is what happened against Mozambique last November as well.”

“The coach of the national team, Antonio Conceicao, also said that he does not respond to him, so how can we be wrong?”

what happened?

Cameroonian and Bayern Munich striker Eric Maxime Chubu Moting will not be able to join the Lions in their 2021 CAN qualifiers.

“He did not respond to the request of the federation,” said Cameroon coach Antonio Conceicao, in response to a question about Chubu Muteng’s absence.

But Camille, the player’s father and his agent, responded in a statement to “Naja TV” and said: “You sent the invitation to the wrong e-mail, and you only noticed that on Monday, that’s a lack of professionalism.”

He added, “The Cameroonian Federation contacted me to find out the reason. I contacted Bayern Munich, who confirmed that he did not receive any e-mail or invitation.”

Cameroon tops Group F with 10 points, followed by Mozambique with four points, equally with Cape Verde, and finally Togo ranks fourth with one point.

Cameroon plays its qualifying matches as friendly matches as it is the host of the tournament.

The 31-year-old player had previously worn the Cameroon national team shirt in 53 matches, during which he scored 13 goals and made four others.


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