FilGoal | News | The dates for the Thursday 25-3-2021 matches and the carrier channels – Egypt against Kenya and the World Cup qualifiers


Egypt is facing Kenya, and many of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Europe.

Submit to you The dates of the matches today, Thursday, March 25, and the transmission channels.

To find out the dates of all matches from Here

African Nations Qualifiers

Comoros starts today at 3 in the afternoon against Togo, within the group of Egypt in the qualifiers, and the match is not transferred.

At six in the evening, Egypt is a guest to Kenya via BN Sports 4.

Meanwhile, Gabon plays DR Congo via BN Sports3.

South Africa plays Ghana at 6 pm on BN Sports 2.

At nine oclock in the evening, Algeria will visit Zambia via BN Sports 3, while Libya will play Tunisia through BN Sprouts 4. A match that will see Libya return to play at home again after an absence.

World Cup Qualifiers 2022 – Europe

In the European World Cup qualifiers, today’s first round matches will be completed by no matches.

Germany will face Iceland at 10:15 PM via BN Sports 2 Premium, and England will face San Marino via BN Sports 3 Premium.

Italy faces Northern Ireland at 10:15 pm via BN Sports 2, while Spain play Greece via BN Sports 1 Premium.

To find out the dates of all matches from Here

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