FilGoal | News | The former Ismaili coach explains the difference between Mosimani and Pachecos playing style


He said Two dragons Jovic Coach Ismaili وبريميرو D. Augusto the previous that Dispute method Play she was Reason behind Non shine on Geraldo WithAhly, as such Explained The difference between method play Petsu Mosimane And Jaime Pacheco.

وصرح Jovic Across ChannelDaytime“: “Command Regard in a manner Play, between League Egyptian And Angolan, Geraldo It was Play at attack With PrimeroD. Augusto Nor get up With assignments Defensive, Because Coaches they found that on him that concentrate at attack Only“.

Say: “at Egypt Probably From Play in a way With assignments Defensive“.

و .ردفSo The player Which Adapts On attack Only Must The situation Difficult“.

و .كملGeraldo لاعب Large And exists at League Turkish Currently And he can that Confirms that Can Success at Cyclic And circumstances Different“.

Wardha On A question, Do you Reason the main It was Recruit Coaches To the player And their roles Defensive, He said: “did not I speak With Geraldo Ago interval long, No I knowReason the main Maybe she was over there Problems With him, But at Ahly? From Difficult for any لاعب that Characterized between Remainder Players The11 Primary, Thinkit’s a From Difficult Mine that I specify Reason the main“.

Geraldo owner The29 Years old join to me Ahly at January 2019، ولعب With a shirt the castle Red at 45 match With all Competitions Record Through it 5 Goals وصنع 7، Before that Go around to me Ankara جوتشو Turkish Free.

Touched Two dragons للحديث Around The difference between Mosimane And Pacheco saying: “Mosimane Coach Gorgeous, Whenever We analyze Matches Ahly Especially match VitaClub Here at Egypt, I said لنفسي that this is Matches Bearing Proof Well As a school For coaches How Could that Play As a team the unit at attack“.

Sayat this is the match It was To my family 10-20 Chance Lots From Opportunities Wasted, about Mine This Example للمباريات Offensive, Command No RegardWith quality Players But over there Command else Regard Coach“.

وتابعPacheco Coach Gorgeous Also, Zamalek Play in a manner Different, Each Players You get used On this is Method, But Ahly Play in a way directlyLarger, Zamalek Builds His attacks Patiently Larger“.

و .ردفWhenever We were We analyze Matches, Target Zamalek The second against the Union came From 30 Pass Almost between Players, Zamalek Prepare للهجوم Patiently Larger,Ahly Play Form direct“.

وسترسلBest about Mine? Way Direct, at Europe Your Holiness Clubs Play As well وخاصة at League English Excellent“.

و .تمWhenever we faced Zamalek With Primero D. Augusto, did not Change Zamalek Lots From His players, ويحافظ On The same style Play لفترة long“.

Jovic Drove Ismaili at 8 Matches Phase Once وتعادل 3 وخسر 4، Before that Go around About Office ويتولى Ehab Jalal the mission.


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