FilGoal | News | The head of the Arms Union reveals to the Joule the fact that the Egyptian national team withdrew against Israel in the World Championship


Abdel Moneim Al-Husseini, head of the Egyptian Weapon Federation, revealed the fact that the national team withdrew against Israel during the World Weapon Championship currently being held in Russia.

Abdel Moneim Al-Husseini said “Everything that is said about the withdrawal of the Egyptian national team against Israel in the World Weapon Championship is completely false.”

He explained, “What happened was that the player Ahmed Al-Sayed, crowned bronze medalist, was injured in the third game, and after being examined by the tournament doctor, he made sure that he would not be able to complete the confrontation and consider his opponent a winner.”

He continued, “The player suffered a shoulder injury, and the doctor for the tournament came to him and gave him a pain reliever injection and returned again to complete the match, but his injury worsened and the doctor returned to him and confirmed that he could not complete the confrontation.”

“And since the player was released for a medical excuse, the match is considered a victory in favor of the opponent, points are not counted and the winning team qualifies,” he explained.

“It is not possible in any way to withdraw against Israel because the regulations of the International Weapon Federation completely prohibit the entry of political matters into the game, because the consequences in this case are to write off the federation and all its results, prevent it from participating in international tournaments, and also prevent it from participating in the Olympic Games,” he stressed.

He concluded his remarks, “In addition to that we played against them a lot and excelled in direct confrontations with them, and there is no excuse for us to withdraw.”

The Egyptian national arms team ended its participation in the World Championships in Russia by occupying the 16th place.


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