FilGoal | News | The Kenyan Federation offers a huge reward in the event that Egypt is beaten


The Kenyan Football Association provided a huge reward for Kenya in the event that they beat their Egyptian counterpart on Thursday.

The Egyptian national team will play the fifth group match of the upcoming African Nations Championship qualifiers at 6 pm.

The Kenyan website Toko published the comments of Nick Mwenda, President of the Kenya Football Association, that a reward of 3.5 million Kenyan shillings was allocated in the event of a victory over Egypt.

The amount is equal to about half a million Egyptian pounds.

The Kenyan team needs to win in order to revive its hopes of qualifying for the tournament to be held in Cameroon, as the team ranks third with 3 points, 5 points behind Egypt and Comoros.

Mwenda explained that the sponsors will pay 2.5 million shillings in addition to one million shillings allocated by the Kenyan federation.

The highest reward the Kenyan national team received was two million shillings.

Kenya will play Togo away in the final round next week.

While Egypt needs to win or draw to ensure official qualification for the African Cup of Nations, to be held in Cameroon.


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