FilGoal | News | The Olympic team explains the reasons for Marmouche not joining the March camp


Certified Gamal, the general coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, explained the reasons for Omar choosing Shawky Gharib, the coach of Omar Marmouche, the German Saint Pauli player, for the current camp.

“It was difficult to include Omar Marmoush in the current camp because we will not play any matches in it,” said Certified Jamal on Ontime Sports 1.

“We would only have booked airline tickets, he would come to join the camp, train with us, and then come back to his team,” he added.

He continued, “Therefore we preferred not to include him and continue with his team is better for him and us.”

He stressed, “Omar is already a team player and will be with us in the coming period.”

Marmouche scored 5 goals in 13 matches for St. Pauli in the second division and also scored one goal.


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