FilGoal | News | Thiago: I did not think of returning to the Spanish League … Klopp’s call made the decision easy


Liverpool midfielder Thiago Alcantar revealed that the phone call that Bjergen Klopp, the coach of the Reds last summer, was the most important reason for joining the team.

Thiago joined Liverpool last summer from Bayern Munich, but unfortunately for him, Liverpool’s level has dropped a lot from recent seasons.

Thiago said in statements to the Spanish newspaper AS: “Last summer I had options to return to the Spanish League, but it was clear to me.”

“I left Bayern Munich in order to experience playing in the English Premier League, as it is a very competitive league,” he added.

“After I received a call from Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp and the club management, the decision became easy.”

“It was difficult emotionally to leave Bayern, but I am very happy with what happened in the end and moving to Liverpool.”

Thiago participated in Liverpool this season in only 19 games, as he was absent for a while due to injury, and he did not score or make any goal.


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