FilGoal | News | Vinaldom denies news of his association with the move to Barcelona


Liverpool midfielder Jenny Wijnaldum has denied news of his move to Barcelona next summer.

Vinaldum expires his contract with Liverpool at the end of the current season, and has the right to sign for any team for free since last January, to join him next summer.

“They will always talk about my future, but as I have said on other occasions, I have no news yet,” Vinaldum said in remarks, most notably the Anfield Watch site.

“They say this in the media, but I have no new news,” he added.

A few days ago, the Times newspaper claimed that Wijnaldum agreed to join Barcelona at the end of his contract with the Reds.

“When there is new news about my future, I will talk about it, but now there is no,” the Dutch international stressed.

“The Times” newspaper said that Wijnaldum had already agreed in principle to Barcelonas offer, preferring to leave Liverpool, whose contract expires at the end of this season.

Thus, Weinaldum moves to Barcelona for free at the end of his contract, and it will be the first deal under the new Barcelona president, Juan Laporta.

Likewise, the deal appears to be a renewal of confidence in Barcelonas Ronald Koeman, who had put his Dutch countryman on top of his requests before the start of the current season.

Wijnaldum is one of the products of the prestigious Feyenoord Academy, and moved from Eindhoven in 2011 to Newcastle in 2015.

And in 2016, the 30-year-old moved to Liverpool, and lifted with them the Premier League title, the European Champions League, European Super League and Club World Cup.


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