FilGoal | News | Wael Gomaa: The Egyptian national team has no shape .. I did not feel the players’ enthusiasm to play


Wael Gomaa, a defender of Al-Ahly and the former Egyptian national team, criticized the performance of the Pharaohs against Kenya, despite the official decision to qualify for the 2021 African Nations Cup.

The Egyptian national team tied away with Kenya, with a positive goal, in the fifth round of qualifiers for the nations of Africa 2021.

Wael Jumaa spoke to “BN Sports” after the match, saying: “What matches are won and not played? Is this a final match? We did not win today and did not play well.”

He continued, “I was optimistic before the match, but the goal we conceded shows how random we were.”

The player, nicknamed The Rock, added, “The national team has no form. We used to criticize the team with its former coach Hector Cuper, but there was a defensive form and we played on the counter.”

And he added, “But today I do not see a clear way to play or a specific form, or that the players are eager to play for the Egyptian national team. I did not feel the presence of teamwork in the match.”

Wael Jumaa concluded his speech, “Yes, I sought excuses for Hossam Al-Badri, the coach, as a result of the lack of gatherings, but I must feel that there is a game system at times, I have not seen any of that completely.”

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