FilGoal | News | Walid Salah in the Joule: Musimani must develop Al-Ahly’s attack … and to escape, he has one last chance


Walid Salahuddin, the former Al-Ahly star, believes that Pitso Musimani, the red team’s coach, should work during the current international break to develop the attack. went to the former Al-Ahly stars to find out their opinion on the challenges facing Musimani and the Red Team in the coming period, and who deserves to have a greater opportunity.

Walid said “Musimani should focus the current period on developing the attack and improving the end of chances in front of goal with players such as Hussein Al Shahat, Marwan Mohsen and others.”

He added, “I hope that Nasser Maher will get a real opportunity to participate and announce himself, especially as he has just returned from injury and is a special player.”

He continued, “Kahraba, from my point of view, since he was subjected to financial punishment and suspension, so he must complete his sentence in full, and then return to collective training.”

He concluded his remarks, “But this is the last chance for Kahraba, after he got more than one chance in the past.”

Al-Ahly will travel to Sudan on March 31 in preparation for the Al-Merrikh match in the fifth round of the African Champions League groups.


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