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Paul Pogba – Manchester United – Milan – European League

The international break came at a time that was not good for Manchester United after suffering a defeat away from home for the first time in nearly a year that caused him to be knocked out of the FA Cup, a title that coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wanted.

With the end of the international hiatus, we will be in for a crucial period of a tough season.

European leagues have reached the most important stage, showing signs of hero identity and defining the features of local and continental competitions. brings you closer to the major European teams before returning to competitions again, to know what awaits them in April and May.

Position and goal

Manchester United are second in the Premier League table with 57 points, one point behind Leicester City and six points behind Chelsea.

Manchester United are 14 points clear of arch-rivals Manchester United with 11 rounds to the end of the competition.

Catching City has become difficult to regain the missing title since 2013, so second place is the most prominent goal for Solskjaer’s squad.

The Premier League title has only been achieved by United once since the retirement of its historic coach Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013, and it came under the control of Jose Mourinho in the 2017-2018 season.

Another thing United aspires to achieve is to win a title in its current season and practically nothing left in front of it except for the European League Championship after bidding farewell to the two cups in England.

This is another thing United have not achieved much since Ferguson’s retirement. They won the major championships only once, and that was with Mourinho, and the title was the same, the European League.

Perhaps the different thing between United then and now is that with Mourinho he was far from the competition to qualify directly for the Champions League from the gates of the English Premier League, so he needed the European League title so badly to participate in the greatest tournaments in the old continent.

But he is currently ranked second in the Premier League table, and if his positive results continue, he may end the season in second place and guarantee participation in the Champions League, regardless of his results in the European League.


After the end of the international break, United will have 11 games in its season and may reach 14 cases, and it has managed to qualify for the European League Final.

Among the fiery matches that await United is to meet Tottenham on April 11 in a retaliatory meeting after the historic defeat that Spears won at Old Trafford at the start of the season with six goals for a goal.

United will also host rival Liverpool at Old Trafford on May 1.

On May 11, United will host Leicester City, who did not win this season, having tied in the first round and defeating the Red Devils from the Foxes in the FA Cup.

These are key matches for United if they want to maintain the title of the Premier League and qualify directly for the Champions League next season.

Technical Director

So far, the fate of the United coach of Solshire appears to be safe, especially as all the statements issued by the club’s management confirm this.

However, some press reports, most notably from the British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC”, stated that if United failed to win any title, the future of Solshire could be in danger.

Mauricio Pochettino, coach of Paris Saint-Germain, was the most prominent candidate for that position, but United management held on to the Norwegian coach.


United restored the services of Paul Pogba, Edinson Cavani, Donnie Van de Beek and David de Gea at a significant time before the international break.

Pogba, in particular, contributed to the victory over Milan at the San Siro stadium with a goal without a response, which he scored immediately after his participation as a substitute after a period of absence from injury and snatched his team’s quarter-final qualification card.

Therefore, this news will be good for Solshire and his coaching staff in light of the strong competition until the end of the season to claim second place and the European League title.


If United were able to avoid negative results at home and receive goals in the last minutes of their matches, which cost him many points during the current season, then he is the closest to obtaining the Premier League title.

But there remains an obstacle that he faces in the knockout matches, and this is the crisis that Solskjaer and his technical staff have to overcome in the European League.

Since the arrival of Solshire, United have never skipped the semi-finals in any tournament, and it is sufficient to say that the team left three tournaments last season from that role.

During the current season, he was also bid farewell to the League Cup semi-final.

But if the team cannot overcome the missing part to skip these matches, it will come out without championships in a new season.


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