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Tottenham players celebrate Harry Kane’s goal at Aston Villa

Tottenham left the European League competitions in a big surprise against Dynamo Zagreb days before the international suspension.

Tottenham, led by Jose Mourinho, is competing for the League Cup title after reaching the final against Manchester City, holders of the last three copies held.

After leaving the European League, Tottenham enters the competition for the first four places in the English Premier League to ensure qualification for the Champions League.

With the end of the international break, we’ll be in for a crucial period of a tough season.

European leagues have reached the most important stage, showing signs of hero identity and defining the features of local and continental competitions. It brings you closer to the European top teams before returning to competitions, so you know what awaits them in April and May.

Position and goal

Tottenham is sixth in the Premier League table with 48 points from 29 rounds and 9 games before the end.

The clubs compete from fourth to eighth place for the fourth European Champions League qualification place between Chelsea, West Ham, Tottenham, Liverpool and Everton, as the difference between Chelsea and Everton is only 5 points.

Difficult confrontations are expected against Tottenham after the international suspension period, but the Spurs’ exit from the European League may make the team focus more on league matches.

The other goal of the team is to win the second Spurs title in the 21st century, as Tottenham has not won any titles since the League Cup in 2008 at the expense of Chelsea.

Tottenham will play Manchester City on April 25 in the League Cup final, with City claiming the last three titles of the tournament.


Manchester City is considered Tottenham’s most prominent competitor due to reaching the League Cup final, a difficult confrontation expected for the Spurs against the defending champion in the last three editions and the closest to crowning the Premier League.

Tottenham faces tough competition with Chelsea, West Ham, Liverpool and Everton for fourth place in the English Premier League.

The next nine rounds will witness fierce competition between clubs to qualify for the Champions League or at least qualify for the European League.

Technical Director

Jose Mourinho was appointed to lead Tottenham at the end of November 2019 and is contracting until the summer of 2023.

Mourinho did not achieve an achievement with the team at the continental level and entered into a fierce competition for European qualification centers in the League, but he reached the final of the League Cup.

Perhaps achieving the League Cup title would be enough for Mourinhos battalion this season, and English reports do not indicate the possibility of Mourinhos departure even after the continental exit.

Tottenham left the European League from the final price after losing 3-0 to Dynamo Zagreb, despite winning the first leg with two goals gratis.


Following the international suspension, Tottenham will play 4 games in April that will largely determine the club’s fate this season.

Tottenham will play the League Cup Final against Manchester City on April 25 in a one-match final.

Tottenham plays 3 Premier League matches in April against Newcastle, Manchester United and Everton.

If the Spurs falter in those matches, it will make it harder for him to compete for fourth place.

Team Match Ranking:

April 4 visiting Newcastle (Premier League)

April 11 to host Manchester United (Premier League)

April 17 to visit Everton (English Premier League)

April 25 vs Manchester City (League Cup Final)

May 1 to host Sheffield United (Premier League)

May 8 travel to Leeds (English Premier League)

May 12 to host Wolverhampton (Premier League)

May 15 to host Aston Villa (Premier League)

May 23 visit to Leicester (Premier League final)


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