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Between qualifying for the Champions League and a dream that may seem almost impossible to win the Italian League, pivots the final part of Milan’s season.

Since the 2012-13 season, in which Milan took third place with 72 points, the teams did not reach more than 68 points in the following seven seasons.

Depending on the team’s performance this season, and with 30 points remaining, it is possible that the Diavolo will exceed this number of points.

The last team to win the league title before Juventus’ dominance, it hopes to end its lean years of titles since 2016 when it won the Super Cup at the expense of the Bianconeri, and the Scudetto may be a historic title despite the recent decline in results.

With the end of the international break, we’ll be in for a crucial period of a tough season.

European leagues have reached the most important stage, showing signs of hero identity and defining the features of local and continental competitions. It brings you closer to the European top teams before returning to competitions, so you know what awaits them in April and May.

Position and goal

Situation: Milan are second in the Italian league standings with 59 points, 6 points behind Inter, which has a postponed match.

The team left the Italian Cup in the quarter-finals against Inter, and was knocked out of the European League with a loss from Manchester United.

Target: After the European bid farewell to the Red Devils, the comments of the players, led by Stefano Pioli, coach and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the team’s top scorer, were seeking to win the Italian League title.

But the main and well-known goal is to return to the Champions League for the first time since 2014, by occupying the first four places in the competition table.

AC Milan executive Gazidis leads revival of Serie A powerhouse | Daily Sabah


10 matches await the Rossoneri this season and will play them like cup matches in order to cling to the possibility of winning the league title if Inter stumbles, and to get the preference to participate in the Champions League next season.

The difference between AC Milan II and Lazio VII is only 10 points, and Lazio, Juventus and Napoli – Milan’s main rivals for the champions seat – have a postponed match, which illustrates the difficulty of resolving matters early.

Milan returns from the international suspension and will have 3 confrontations with the second half of the standings, against Sampdoria, Parma and Genoa.

On April 21, Milan will meet Sassuolo, then visit Lazio, and return to host Benevento.

The most important match will be against Juventus at the Allianz Stadium on the ninth of May, because it may be the runner-up confrontation or to ignite the competition for the top of the Calcio.

In the last three rounds, Milan will meet Turin, then Cagliari, and in the final round, he will be a heavy guest at Atalanta.

3 matches for Milan against Lazio and Juventus, and in the last round against Atalanta, all of which will be with 6 points, as they are direct opponents of the Champions League seat.

Technical Director

There are no indications that Stefano Pioli can be sacked.

If Pioli could lead the team to qualify for the Champions League, he would have achieved the goal of the Milan project, and thus there would be no need for him to leave, especially as he is linked to a contract extending to the summer of 2022.

Losing the Champions League seat could destabilize the team, which could end up sacking the Italian from his seat.

Stefano Pioli plays down the importance of AC Milan's clash with Manchester United | Forza Italian Football


Milan’s level declined at the beginning of 2021 due to the influential absences in the unfinished team, which made the team lose in the decisive match.

But before the international suspension, Milan restored the services of Hakan Chalhanoglu, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ismail bin Nasser, and the teams became almost complete.

For the time being, Alessio Romanioli, Davide Calabria, Daniel Maldini, Ante Ribic, Raphael Leao and Mario Mandzukic will be absent.

Calabria may delay its return to mid-April, while the team is expected to be fully staffed after the end of the international suspension.


According to Stats Perform, after the end of the first round, the chances that Milan will finish the league title are greater than the Scudetto.

21.4% to Milan claim the runners-up, compared to 21.3% to win the title, which is less than Inter and Juventus.

The Rossoneri has a 19.1% chance of being in third place and 15.1% in fourth place.

But the chances of Milan exit from the golden box are almost 23%, with one of the places from the fifth to the eighth.


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